So we’re moving to Puerto Rico…Again

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally headed back to Puerto Rico, this time for good. Let’s do a quick recap…

Back in June of 2016, we made the very difficult decision to pack everything up and move back to the States for awhile. We had been in Puerto Rico for only a few months at the time, but ultimately decided (After much back and forth) that moving back was the right thing to do. My grandma (Affectionately called “Nanny”) was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia (Which is a terrible disease. Please donate to help scientists better understand it) and we knew that if we didn’t make every effort to be with her during her final years, we would regret it. So we packed up everything, terminated our lease, sold our truck, and jumped on a plane. We spent a wonderful 2 years here, spending as much time with Nanny as we could. On October 4, after several rough weeks of suffering, she passed away. I miss her every day.

That brings us up to date and to the reason for this post. We’ve decided to move back to Puerto Rico in June of 2019, this time for good. So for that one person who stumbles across this blog and wants to meet up – We’ll be there soon! We’re looking forward to being back and can’t wait to get back to our old routines!

Stay tuned for more exciting news as it occurs to me.

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