Two months in

So it turns out I’m not nearly as reliable a writer as I might have thought. Not for lack of content, but lack of time and concentration.

We’ve officially been living in Aguadilla for more than two months now, and it has been….tough, for a multitude of reasons. Let’s go through it, if for no other reason than to record this for posterity.

Anna and I arrived on Dec 14, 2015. We first stayed in an AirBnB in Rincon and had a pretty good time. Excellent hosts and extremely friendly atmosphere. The day after we arrived, we set out to search for our new home. After MANY unsuccessful days and missed meetings / unreturned phone calls, we finally found our new home in Aguadilla, right off of Hwy 2. If I recall correctly, it took us right at a week to finally nail down a place. During this time, we also purchased a car, bought some house belongings from the same people, dealt with the vehicle registration headache, and prepared for Christmas. Looking back, that was a VERY hectic week.

The boys (Isaac, 5 at the time and Bear, 4) arrived on Dec 20, 2015, with Anna’s mom Kim. Kim stayed with us for a week and we all got to explore the island together. We had a great time. We visited Crash Boat, visited Toro Negro, got stranded in Cabo Rojo (That’s a story in itself), celebrated Christmas, and had some great food. It was a week that I won’t ever forget, and I don’t think Kim will either.

After a very long Christmas holidays (Neighbors next door are very nice, but really love their parties), the boys finally got to start school. They are both attending Borinquen Bilingual School in Aguadilla. The people there are extremely nice and the facilities are top notch. Honestly, Isaac seems to be learning more at this school than he ever did in Arkansas. That was not something we were really expecting. After an exhausting week trying to find books, school supplies, and uniforms, things finally settled down on that front.

Unfortunately, Isaac seems to really really hate his school. His teacher is very sweet, his classmates all seem to love him, but he insists that he hates school and wants to go back “home”. Hating school has never been an issue for him, so it has me a bit worried. I don’t like to see either of my kids unhappy / depressed, naturally. If Isaac doesn’t start to fit in a bit better by the end of the school year, we may have to seriously consider abandoning ship and heading back to Arkansas. That’s not something I particularly want to do, but it’s important to me that my kids are happy. I think that perhaps he’s just having trouble making friends because most of the kids there only speak spanish, and that’s a shame, because most of the kids seem to be very sweet. I hope that Isaac comes around soon / starts to make friends here in Puerto Rico so that we can consider staying and putting down roots here. Otherwise we’ll be forced to pack up everything again and head back to the bitterly cold / miserably hot, land-locked state of Arkansas.

I have been off-island for the past month due to a family emergency, but will be back on March 1. I cannot wait to get back home. I’m anxious to get back into the swing of things and to see my kids again. I hope that when I get back, we can start doing some more family outings to get Isaac to really enjoying things down there. Maybe, if we’re lucky, we’ll meet another family along the way with a lonely 6 year old boy, and our two kids will hit it off. A guy can dream, anyway…

A lot has happened in the past two months, and I’m sure I’ll record those soon. Upcoming adventures may include:

  1. How to order a propane refill when you don’t speak much spanish.
  2. How to get the cable guy to your house when you don’t speak much spanish.
  3. What to do when your cart won’t start and you’re stuck in a dry, hot part of the island
  4. Why you shouldn’t drive your car into sand unless you know that there is solid ground right beneath…and what to do when that inevitably happens, lol.
  5. Why you definitely should stop at that food truck to try it out, because it’s probably delicious
  6. How to haul a car in Puerto Rico. Hint: It doesn’t involve a trailer.

and much, much more. Maybe my next update will be sooner than 2 months away 🙂

4 thoughts on “Two months in

  1. I’m so glad you came back to update! Your little one will eventually adjust, I’m sure, but I know it can be troubling and stressful for your family. Time is what is needed. My husband and I are retired and love Rincon area and are trying to make longer and longer stays there. We still have a 20yr. college student at home going to community college so she isn’t quite independent enough yet. I so look forward to more updates soon!

    1. They’ve started adjusting nicely already. Isaac has met his future wife (His words) and now insists that he never wants to leave. Progress 🙂

  2. Oh, I was going to ask you. Have you been to the beach (sea glass beach) at the Columbus Park (I think it’s Colon) and they have this huge treehouse for the kids? It is near the ice skating rink. We just thought it was really cool for kids to enjoy and there is a boardwalk of sorts.

    1. Hey Barbara! We’ve been down to that beach but haven’t swam there because of rip currents. The treehouse is AMAZING but unfortunately closed for renovations right now. I’m patiently waiting for them to open it up because my boys will love it.

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