It’s official!

Well, things are starting to get real now. We booked our flights yesterday so there is officially no turning back at this point. Because Anna and I are going to fly down before the boys do, Anna’s mom will be flying down with them about a week after we arrive. Because she’s helping us out so much by doing this, we have to work the travel around her schedule. This ultimately means that we have to leave a MONTH earlier than originally planned. Anna and I will fly down on December 14th (Yes, just two months from now) and Anna’s mom will follow with the boys on December 20th. Hopefully we will have time to find a house and car by the time they arrive. It would be great to have our first Caribbean Christmas inside our own house and not inside a hotel room.

Now that things are becoming real (And the departure date moved up an entire month), we’ve realized exactly how much work we have to do to prepare for the move….and it’s overwhelming. We’ve got half a dozen projects to wrap up already and new projects seem to pop up on a daily basis. We’ve also decided to go with the “sell everything but what you really want to keep” mentality. This means that we have thousands of dollars worth of stuff that we need to liquidate, and NOW! We intend on having a yard sale every weekend until it’s all gone or we are. Hopefully we’ll be able to get rid of everything pretty easily, though I somehow doubt that’s going to be the case.

Overall, everyone is very excited. We know that this move is going to test us but we’re looking forward to the challenge and adventure. If we can just get through these next two months with no major mishaps, we’ll be in good shape.

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  1. Hello, Kevin. I found your blog from your expat blog profile. It is absolutely wonderful that you are following your dreams and are actually able to do so. Like you posted, life is short and we need to make the most of it every day. We are recently retired and want to start extended stays and/or long term renting. We have 2 daughters (21 & 20) with one still at home so we have to wait a bit. I so look forward to reading more of your journey! Blessings~

    1. Thank you for your reply, Barbara. I feel thankful every day that I have a job and a family that support my crazy ideas and dreams.

      If you end up in Aguadilla or Rincon, let me know. We’d love to meet up for dinner one night. My wife is an excellent cook and I can grill / BBQ with the best of them 🙂

  2. Are you moving to Aguadilla or Rincon area? When looking for a house, go with a few different real estate agents. They don’t always know about all the available houses. Also, renting can be nice. (we rent) Rincon Beach Resort has nice condos to rent or buy. Lemme know if I can help. We’re in Mayaguez. btw, you wanted to know about schools right? My kids go to the Montessori School in Mayaguez. We love it.

    1. We’re moving to Aguadilla, at least to start. We’re hoping to find some place in the Ramey area. The kids will be going to Borinquen bilingual school for this first semester just because we couldn’t find availability anywhere else. Once we’re settled, we’re going to try to get them into Froebel Bilingual School if we can.

      We liked Rincon for its laid back feel and may end up there some day. But Aguadilla has plenty of amenities around and seems like a good introduction for the whole family. Thanks for your offer of help. We may very well need it at the beginning while we figure out all of the systems.

    1. Yes, we are! It turns out I’m just a terrible blogger 🙂 Those last two months were extremely busy and we’ve barely stopped moving since we got here. But yes, we’ve settled in Aguadilla for the time being and so far, so good. The transition has been really tough on the boys though because most of the kids at the school don’t speak english (And my kids are both extremely shy) but it’s getting better.

      I’ll try to write an update post this weekend.

  3. Hello, Kevin~ Glad you are all are adjusting. I would love to hear more. We are going to Rincon for 4 weeks soon, I can’t wait!

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